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Here’s your chance to take control of your life, while tapping into an omnipotent energetic force. How? Well, you will learn about an ancient Egyptian Law known as The Law of One. Yep. The Law of One changed things for me. 

For years, I wandered around the world, studying shamanism, the chakra system, magick, magic, psychology, Ifa, and Tantra. 

It was safe to say that I had accumulated a great deal of knowledge. Things were going well, then suddenly, everything went to shit. What happened? The same thing that happens to a lot of magical practitioners. 

The magic worked for a little while, and then it just started to wear off. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was a beast in my hey day! I was able to manifest over 200k, I paid off my school loans, lived in a luxury apartment with a view of the Manhattan Skyline, and was able to study in the best mystery schools in the world. Hell, I even have a bachelor and master’s degree. Then, something weird happened, my magic crashed, worse than the 2008 stock market. I lost all of my friends, a great deal of my money, and virtually all of my mojo. 

I wanted to wash my hands and walk away forever. 

In fact, I did, I took almost three years off, trying to figure out what went wrong. A part of me was afraid of magic, for I believed that it was like a drug, with high highs, and really low lows. However, there was a part of me that continued to study, and over time, my ancestors lead to me the Egyptian Law of One. Then, everything started to make sense. 

The Law of One 

The Egyptian Law of One states that everything and everyone is interconnected. The Law states that love is the highest spiritual vibration that people should aspire to, and that the concept of dualities and linear time is simply an illusion. 


By studying this law, I begin to realize where I went wrong

 I was only working at thirty percent capacity. I wasn’t tapping into my power. Just imagine your car, working just thirty-percent of the time, your refrigerator working only thirty-percent of the time. Or worse, you putting in a forty-hour work week, and only getting paid thirty-percent of hours worked? Sadly, a lot of us are doing just that. We are putting so much energy into our magic and getting dismal and even inconsistent results. Some of us are even operating below thirty-percent. While others are just running on fumes. 

Let’s be real here, the most magical people in the world are poor. Many of them don’t even have enough power to manifest medicines, food, even clean drinking water. Why? Well it happens because there is an earthly force known as gravity that causes degradation. 

My personal experience with depletion and degradation. 

When I first started studying magic, I was partying like a rock-star. I felt like everything that I touched turned into gold. However, like a fool, I didn’t know that I was burning through all of my energetic deposits. I was entitled and felt like the energy was going to keep rolling in. After all, I had bought into the whole New Age crap that money was abundant. 

My ancestors warned me to stop, and recharge, but I kept doing magic, getting more and more into “energetic debt.” After a while, nothing worked, and I felt like I was regressing. I know other people who get really desperate and use very unconventional means to make magic happen. I simply wasn’t going to go there. After all, I had my integrity. I also knew that if I went “there,” there was no coming back.